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July 20, 2005

Lake Champlain

Hanging out on Church Street

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The Long Trail

July 19, 2005

Jason and I backpacked on the Long Trail for two days. We climbed Mt. Abraham and then slept in an unlocked ski lift cabin on the top of Mt. Lincoln. The Long Trail is one of the most amazing backpacking trails in the country. It overlays the Appalachian Trail near the southern border of Vermont and runs all the way up to Canada. It would take about one month to hike the entire thing. It isn't huge in length but it's rugged, beautiful, old and well-kept. The low elevation was very welcoming to my lungs — a week before climbing Mt. Abraham (4,006 ft) I climbed Mt. Yale (14,196 ft) in Colorado. Abraham is the fifth tallest mountain in Vermont. The first is Mt. Mansfield, which my Dad, Jason and I climbed a few years ago.


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