Emerald Lake

December 10, 2005

The hike to Emerald Lake is one of the most popular hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. The relatively short trail passes four alpine lakes - Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake - before stopping at the giant wall that is Hallet Peak's false summit. In this photo, taken in September, Hallet's real summit can be seen from Flattop Mountain (with Longs Peak in the background). The hike provides great views of Longs Peak (perhaps the most well-known of Colorado's 14,000 ft. peaks) when approaching Dream Lake.
In the US, Canada and Mexico combined, there are 105 peaks that reach over 14,000 feet in elevation. Colorado has 53 of them. Alaska has 18. Of course, many of those 18 mountains in Alaska are much, much taller than any of the mountains in Colorado. 

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