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Pearl Street

April 29, 2006


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Green Mountain and Bear Peak

April 22, 2006

Sarah, Chris, Erik and I climbed Green Mountain and Bear Peak today, hiking a little over 9 miles and climbing about a mile in elevation. The photo above (of some guy climbing Bear Peak) was taken with my new camera. The ones below are from my old camera.

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A Short Roadtrip to Buena Vista

April 8, 2006

Mt. Princeton, a huge bulky mass with three peaks, is one of my favorite mountains in Colorado. It's also part of the largest concentration of mountains over 14,000 feet on the continent (the Sawatch Range).

Mt. Antero (14,269 ft) and Mt. Ouray (13,971 ft).

Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale at dusk. Mt. Princeton is 14,197 ft and Yale is 14,196 ft. Here's the view of Princeton from the summit of Yale.

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Coors Field

April 5, 2006


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